As we all know, there are two ways to build a beautiful set of six pack abs – you can work on them naturally, or unnaturally. Many people take the fast track using unnatural products and techniques to get the set of great lower abs they’ve always wanted, but these people often find they were mistaken in their choice. This is because the only safe and healthy way to work on your lower abs is the natural way. Using natural techniques is safe, longer lasting, and saves money in the long run.

Natural is Safe
Working on flat abs naturally is one of the best ways to gain them because it is much safer than doing it unnaturally. Using harmful diet pills, miracle diets and crazy contraptions to work your abs can not only feel silly, but they can be very dangerous. Exercising without knowing the proper techniques can do much more harm than good with some of the exercise plans available today, like doing 200 crunches every day of the week without giving yourself any resting time to allow your muscles to recuperate.

Diet pills can cause harmful elevations of your adrenaline output, as well as be very addictive if used over a period of time. Diet plans that are unreasonable can also be very dangerous by depriving the body of things you need. Building a beautiful six pack abs is not as difficult as many people think. You just need to be consistent, eat a well balanced diet and do lower abs exercises daily. For a lower ab workout, you don’t need much equipment. A good ab wheel roller is enough in most cases. You can read more on ab wheel rollers here.

Ab Wheel Roller Exercise

Natural is Lasting
Using diet pills, diet plans and odd exercise plans that are unnatural are not only potentially dangerous to you and your abs, they can lead to yo-yo dieting and results that do not last long. By exercising and dieting so that you gradually lose body fat and build muscle, while still being safe, is what experts agree is the best way to go about getting flat, sexy abs (especially those lower abs). By doing things naturally, you gradually learn to make lasting lifestyle changes that are crucial to a healthy diet throughout your life and maintaining your lower abs once you have achieved the look and feel you want. People who do not use the gradual approach often find themselves reversing everything after they reach their goal and starting all over again, which can be very harmful to the body.

Saves Money
You’ve seen the infomercials and walked past the supplements isle in your local grocery store, and you have probably seen the price tag that is often attached to those abs crunching exercise machines, diet pills and miracle diet plans. We’ve already learned that these things can be very dangerous to your body, as well as that they are not a good way to build and keep lower abs over a long period of time. By going the natural route, buying and eating healthy foods in the place of the unhealthy ones you always eat, there’s no extra money involved. At the same time, avoiding the unnatural diet plans and pills and going for the natural way can save you hundreds of dollars in money.

Ways on how to decrease abdominal fats through diet.

1. Change your eating habit. Eat several times a day, 5 to six times, in small quantity each meal. Stop eating when you feel that your stomach is already full.

2. Include vegetables and protein in your meals. Protein can reduce your hunger and cravings thereby preventing fat accumulation in the abdomen and other parts of the body. Vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that make your body and skin healthy.

3. Add fruits in your diet because they contain healthy carbohydrates and they are also rich in vitamins, fibers and minerals.

4. Go for natural foods. Avoid processed foods like canned goods because they are usually rich in sodium and fats that cause increase fat deposit in the body tissues.

5. Choose healthy carbohydrates such as whole rye, whole wheat, etc. These whole grains can also be found in bread and other snack foods. Whole grains are also rich in fiber that helps reduce abdominal fats. Beans are also excellent source for healthy carbohydrates.

6. To flatten your belly, take foods that are rich in lean protein like fish and lean meat and avoid those that are high in saturated fats like fatty pork and red meat.

How to benefit from abdominal exercise

1. Have a good start. Choose the kind of abdominal exercise that you are interested to do. You can keep going on your exercise program if you have passion for it.

2. Start slowly. To condition your body you can start exercising for at least 15 minutes each session.  Your body will need ample time to build strength and endurance to any new activity.

3. Join a group so you can perform exercises with other people with you. Additionally, your group mates may provide you with the necessary support to help you continue with your exercise program.

4. Increase your exercise time by 5 to 10 minutes each week and also increase the intensity as tolerated to decrease your abdominal fats faster.

5. Do not stop your exercise program except when it necessary due to some health conditions. There is a high percentage that your abdominal fats will increase again once you suddenly stop your exercise regimen.

To perform this abdominal exercise, Lie on your mat facing up and support your head with your fingers. Next, bring your knees into your chest and bring your shoulder blade off the floor. Avoid pulling on the neck. Then rotate to the left and bring the right elbow to the left knee as you straighten the right leg. Then do the same for the other side and repeat the steps in a pedaling motion for 1-3 sets of 12-16 repetitions.

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